Spider-Man 2

Sam Raimi (US, 2004, 127 min.)

As her prepares to attend "The Importance of Being Earnest," with Mary Jane Watson in the lead, Peter Parker dresses in his tiny apartment. Stuck into the mirror, under to his ticket for the play, is a strip of (faked) photos of Mary Jane in a photobooth.

We see the ticket and photos stuck on top of one another in the left side of the mirror frame as Peter looks at them, but when the camera cuts to a medium shot of Peter standing in front of the mirror, the items have moved to the right side of the mirror. They're back on the left side when he takes the ticket out and the camera stays on Mary Jane's photobooth picture as the scene ends.

Contributed by Brian

The focus is on Peter as he straightens his tie; the photostrip is mostly covered by the ticket to the play.
As we see Peter from across the room, the tickets and photostrip are stuck separately into the right side of the mirror frame.
Back to the close-up as Peter's gaze settles on the pictures of Mary Jane.
Peter leaves and the camera remains on the photos for another moment.