The Brave One

Neil Jordan (USA, 2007, 122 min.)

Somehow Sayid got off the Island long enough to star as Jodie Foster's fiancee in this vigilante tale. Sayid (who goes by David in this movie) (and Naveen Andrews in real life) is brutally beaten to death in the first few minutes of the movie. Jodie Foster (pretending to be Erica in this movie) exacts her revenge on nameless baddies as well as her former lover's assailants. Terrence Howard plays the detective investigating the crimes who happens to be recently divorced. Soon after we are introduced to Howard's ex-wife, he utters the line, "Divorce sucks," then a few scenes later he is seen burning a photostrip (presumably the symbol of the relationship's former glory).

Contributed by Tim

38:43 The overall strip size seems accurate enough, but the aspect ratio of each frame is off.