Love Field

Jonathan Kaplan (US, 1992, 102 min.)

Michelle Pfeiffer and Dennis Haysbert play the central roles in this under-the-radar early '90s drama about a Dallas woman obsessed with Jackie Kennedy who makes a pilgrimage to Washington, DC, in the days after President Kennedy's assassination. Lurene (Pfeiffer) defies her husband and heads East to witness the President's funeral. On the bus, she meets Paul (Haysbert) and his daughter Jonell (Stephanie McFadden) on a bus, and when the bus is involved in an accident, the three of them set off together.

After the accident, a suspicious bus company employee interviews Paul at the nearest bus station, and Lurene keeps Jonell occupied by buying her a Coke and offering to take pictures together in the nearby photobooth.

Thanks to Ricky for the tip on this movie.

Contributed by Brian

Lurene reaches into her bag for change as Jonell stands inside the booth.
Jonell sits on Lurene's lap with her doll as they get ready for the flash to go off.
Lurene pulls the curtain shut on the booth.
The flash goes off, taking the first photo.
Lurene, doing her best to keep the little girl distracted from her father's troubles, gushes over the photos.
Jonell looks at the photos with Lurene.
The photos themselves, complete with doll.