Broken English

Zoe Cassavetes (USA, 2007, 98 min.)

In this utterly depressing and pointless film, Nora Wilder (indie mainstay Parker Posey) can't seem to find love in NYC. And I didn't finish watching the movie to find out if she does, in the end, succeed in landing a man. I'm sure she does, and learns some important lesson of self-love along the way. The only thing I can offer to prove my less-than-glowing review of this film is this: the MOST exciting moment in the film was when I spotted a blurry photostrip hanging on the bulletin board in Nora's office.

Interestingly, one of the trailers on the Broken English DVD is for the documentary Crazy Love which features a quick photobooth shot.

Contributed by Tim

4:55 - Nora sits at her desk answering a call from a problem guest staying at the hotel where Nora works.
Note the blurry photostrip on the bulletin board. There is a moment when Nora puts her hands behind her head and there is a brief moment of focus on the strip -- but I can't tell who is depicted.
58:50 - Nora hits rock bottom, starts doing quiltwork on the job, and is about to quit her job. Photostrip seen from different angle.