The Knack...and how to get it

Richard Lester (UK, 1965, 85 min.)

One of at least three Richard Lester films to feature a photo booth, The Knack is a comedy about a strait-laced schoolteacher, Colin (Michael Crawford), who lives with playboy Tolen, and attempts to learn how to woo the ladies from his more accomplished flatmate. But as it is a Richard Lester film, it's not as simple as it sounds, and is filled with direct address and actuality footage of old-age pensioners on the streets going on in voice-over about "mods and rockers" and jump-cut dream sequences that make the movie more than just a "swinging London" romantic comedy.

Nancy (Rita Tushingham), a newcomer to London, has some photos taken in a booth in a train station as she arrives in town by bus one morning. As she waits for her photos to be delivered, a couple arrives at the booth and the woman enters, closing the curtain on the man. She then hands him every article of her clothing, and takes her photos. Nancy and the couple each take the wrong set of photos, and then exchange them before leaving.

Contributed by Brian

Nancy (Rita Tushingham) approaches the photo booth.
Nancy smiles for the camera. Note the focus finder in the center of the frame.
Inside the booth, Nancy poses, seen in reflection.
The Man in Photo Booth (Charles Dyer, and yes, that is his official credit) dutifully collects each article of clothing from his companion inside.
Nancy looks on as the man and the Girl in Photo Booth (Helen Lennox) look at Nancy's picture.
After Nancy's photos are delivered, the exchange is made.