The Karate Kid

John Avildsen (US, 1984, 126 min.)

In this classic David and Goliath tale of a fatherless New Jersey kid transplanted to Southern California who becomes a karate phenom, the eternally-young Ralph Macchio plays Daniel LaRusso, and Noriyuki "Pat" Morita is Mr. Miyagi. When Daniel runs into trouble with the local karate toughs, he enlists the help of Mr. Miyagi, the quiet gardener who lives in his apartment building who just happens to be a karate sensei.

Daniel and Ali (Elisabeth Shue), the girlfriend of one of the bullies, go to Golf 'n Stuff on their first date (check out this site for in-depth reports on the filming locations), finally arriving after the embarassment of having to push the car to get it started. A typical arcade montage follows, with video games, mini-golf, and of course, a photo booth. They sit for a (less-common) strip of three photos, and Daniel makes some faces about not liking one of the photos, which then becomes a long, loving gaze at Ali as she looks at the souvenir of their second date.

Contributed by Brian

Daniel and Ali sit in the photo booth as the flash goes off.
Daniel smoothly puts his hand on Ali's hand as they pse for the next photo.
Funny face time.
The All-American couple.
Ali grabs the photos the moment they're done.
Daniel likes one of the photos...
...but isn't such a fan of the next one he sees.
As Ali continues to look at the photos, Daniel stares at her, all doe-eyed.
Their happiness won't last, not if the Cobra Kai have anything to do with it.
Daniel shows Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) one of the photos as they celebrate his birthday.
A close-up.