Love the Hard Way

Peter Sehr (US, 2001, 104 min.)

One of those "lost" Adrien Brody moves like Dummy, made just before his star rose, Love the Hard Way is the story of Jack, a petty thief and aspiring writer (not to be confused with Best Seller's cop/writer) who meets Claire, a woman who changes his life. Naturally, he cheats on her, and when he does, she runs off and finds solace, of all places, in a photobooth. We first see the drying slot of the photobooth, where two sets of pictures wait, while she still sits in the booth. A man looks in on her and reminds her that her photos are done, and she leaves th booths, grabs one strip of photos, and tears it up. The scene looks like the Chinatown Arcade on Mott Street in Manhattan, but I'm not sure.

Contributed by Brian

Claire's photostrips sit in the drying slot.
A man approaches the photobooth and asks Claire if she's alright.
He looks under the curtain to see what's going on.
He pulls back the curtain.
Claire doesn't look like she's doing so well.
Claire grabs one of her photostrips from the slot.
Claire goes to sit down with her photos.
Claire examines the photos.
She begins by tearing off just one photo, as though she's going to give it to someone, but then she ends up tearing the strip to pieces and throwing it on the floor.