Che ora è

Ettore Scola (Italy, 1989, 97 min.)

We have Prof. Federica Muzzarelli and her book Formato tessera to thank for letting us know about this film, the second work by director Ettore Scola to feature an important photobooth sequence. Fifteen years after C'erevamo tanto amati, Scola again uses a photobooth to show his characters' emotional relationship.

In this sequence, Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) and Michele (Massimo Troisi), recently reunited after some years apart, clown around in the booth and take a strip of photos that they then split and share. The sequence features some great photobooth poses, and is all the more poignant as both great stars of the Italian screen are no longer with us. Thanks again to Federica for letting us know about this film.

Contributed by Brian