Interview with the Assassin

Neil Burger (US, 2002, 88 min.)

In this alternately chilling and goofy faux-documentary, TV cameraman Ron Kobeleski is approached by Walter Ohlinger, his reclusive ex-Marine neighbor who claims to be the so-called "second gunman" responsible for the Kennedy assassination.

Burger does a good job racheting up the tension as the evidence supporting Ohlinger's claims mounts, but things begin to get out of hand as he tries to build to a climax that is impossible to carry off.

As Ohlinger and Kobeleski prepare to inflitrate Walter Reed Army Hospital to speak with a central figure in Ohlinger's past, Ohlinger needs to fake a press pass to match Kobeleski's. He takes a few photos in a (digital) photobooth, and assembles his badge.

Contributed by Brian

A strange, somewhat fake-looking booth.
Ohlinger, sitting patiently for his photos to be taken.
He's a fan of the shifty-eyed look.
That's probably the one to use, Walter.
Walter trims the photos down.
It's strange that we see him carefully trimming down this photo, with his mouth slightly open...
When it becomes clear he uses a different photo in his pass.