New York I Love You

Various (U.S., 2009, 110 min.)

In the first teaser for this omnibus movie listed as "in post production" in August 2008, we catch a glimpse of a woman posing in a photobooth in the opening shots.

Photobooth enthusiast Brett Ratner is directing one of the films in the project; has he finally brought his photobooth love to the screen? We'll find out when the film is released.

UPDATE: Now it's September 2009, and the movie is set to be released next month. We've got new images and a new title from the trailer.

UPDATE: October 2010, we've got images from the film itself up now. We finally learn that the legs in the preview belong to Rachel Bilson, who we see taking a set of photos in an outdoor booth. Somehow, the photos are ready and sticking out of the slot while she's still in the booth, a photochemical machine that seems to be turning out digital photos.

Contributed by Brian