Bird on a Wire

John Badham (US, 1990, 110 min.)

This textbook, stunt-licious romantic action comedy stars Goldie Hawn as Marianne Graves and Kurt Rus-- er, Mel Gibson as Rick Jarmin, an FBI informant in the witness protection program whose cover is blown. Graves recognizes Jarmin, her one-time fianc, working at a garage, and helps him escape the clutches of the drug-dealing baddies who get to him through a corrupt FBI agent.

Contributed by Brian

In the middle of a board meeting, Marianne pulls out the folded strip of photos taken years ago.
Marianne, Rick, and Jamie (John Pyper-Ferguson), all sporting hair and fashions of another era, clown around in the booth
Mel Gibson looks pretty great with a huge mustache.
Now we flash back to the moment the photos were taken, inside a booth as the flash goes off for a shot similar to the first pose.
This next pose doesn't seem to exist in the strip itself; maybe Jamie took the one with this photo on it (or maybe the continuity guy needs to pay more attention).
The flash goes off, immortalizing another goofy pose, but the curtain seems to be caught on Marianne's mop of flower child hair. Oh well.
About twenty minutes later, after Marianne has helped Rick escape and they're safely aboard a ferry, Rick finds the same strip of photos in Marianne's checkbook as she sleeps on his lap.
Rick grins at the memory the photos bring back.
As he unfolds the photos, he notices a message written on the back.
As he reads Jamie's message to the "two other musketeers," we begin another flashback, this time to the botched drug sting operation that ended Jamie's life.