A Hard Day's Night

Richard Lester (UK, 1964, 92 min.)

This classic is one of the most entertaining films of all time, capturing the exuberance and humor of the Beatles in their prime. The wonderful opening sequence finds the band on the run from rabid fans, seeking refuge anywhere they can as they run through Marylebone Station. Using jump cuts, shots in medium and deep focus, and by juxtaposing static shots with scenes of overflowing kinetic energy, Lester captures the essence of the Beatles' appeal in these opening minutes.

While Paul disguises himself with a beard and mustache and hides behind a newspaper, the scene shifts to a photo booth. As a horde of screaming kids runs by, visible in the exterior mirror, the curtain is slowly drawn to reveal John, who peers out to see if the coast is clear, followed by Ringo, and finally George. When they see the stampede of kids has passed, they dash out the other side of the booth, and, framed by the walls of the photo booth, we watch them sprint towards their train and relative safety.

Contributed by Brian

The booth.
As the kids run by, John opens the curtain.
Ringo peers out to watch the stampede.
George, barely visible, takes a look outside as well.
John leads the charge to the train.