The Net

Irwin Winkler (US, 1995, 114 min.)

Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) lives her life on the internet (or at least the internet, circa 1995, which seems to be on a great old Mac Performa, without the aid of a web broswer). When her identity is stolen, she seems to have no one to vouch for her identity.

Contributed by Brian

Jack Devlin (Jeremy Northam), in search of Angela, spies a photobooth next to the carousel at the Santa Monica pier.
Devlin ducks into the booth.
From Devlin's vantage in the booth, we see past the curtain of the booth as he readies his silencer-equipped gun to take a shot at Angela.
Not what you'd expect to see poking out of a photobooth curtain.
From Angela's perspective on the spinning carousel, a harmless photobooth.
Or maybe not.
Thwarted by the presence of too many innocent bystanders and unable to get a clear shot, Devlin leaves the booth.