Crimen Perfecto

lex de la Iglesia (Spain, Italy, 2004, 105 min.)

In this dark comedy, store manager Rafael (Guillermo Toledo) finds himself under the thumb of Lourdes (Mnica Cervera), the shrewish store clerk who witnessed him accidentally kill a rival manager. The quintessential ladies man is now at Lourdes' beck and call, and she drags him around, embarrassing him in front of his colleagues, and generally humiliating him. As his struggles begin, we see the two of them in a photobooth, where Lourdes smothers him as he struggles to stay away. The scene ends with a close-up on the last photo in the strip, his upstretched hand struggling to get free. The white background goes black and only his hand remains. His struggles have only begun...

The photobooth shots were apparently used for the DVD cover in France.

Contributed by Brian