Aerosmith Pump (1994)

Directed by Marty Callner, US

Directed by longtime Aerosmith video director Marty Callner, "Crazy" was one of the triumverate of Alicia Silverstone-starring one-word-titled Aerosmith videos from 1993-94, but the only one to feature - creepily - lead singer Steven Tyler's daughter Liv.

After fleeing school, the girls flirt their way from gas station to convenience store to strip club to farmer's field (?!), giggling coyly all the way. As Liv pumps gas outside, watched by a leering guy who seems to be there for just that purpose, Alicia shoplifts in the convenience store under the approving eye of the Pauly Shore-esque clerk. When Liv comes inside, the girls run into a photobooth and snap a strip of photos, with an emphasis on strip, judging from the over-acted reaction of the clerk. You can almost hear his "Woahhhh."

Contributed by Brian

The girls spot the photo booth, and the video cuts to a live shot of Steven Tyler singing.
The next thing we see is a flash coming from the booth.
The clerk looks over quizzically
The flash goes off again.
Someone's foot sticks out.
The girls leave the booth and straighten their clothes.
The photos always arrive with lightning-quick speed in movies and music videos.
Alicia picks up the strip and she and Liv walk to the counter.
Alicia hands the strip to the clerk, as a form of payment, it seems.
For me?