Where I Stood

Missy Higgins On a Clear Night (2007)

Directed by Paul Goldman and Alice Bell, Australia

In this video, for the first song from Australian Missy Higgins' new album, was directed by Australian filmmakers Paul Goldman and Alice Bell. According to contributor Punky, "the video is shot in St James Station in Sydney, Australia."

Missy enters the photobooth and we see her singing, from the camera's perspective, much like Family's video for Lady Sovereign's "Those Were the Days" and Daniel Wolfe's video for Stephen Fretwell's "New York." After Missy inserts her dollar coins, the flashes begin to go odd, and continue to flash throughout the video. When she enters the booth, there's already a completed photostrip or two in the slot. After singing the first half of the song in the booth, she takes her photostrips out, puts them in an envelope, and walks out of the station to mail the strips off. We still see flashbacks to the booth scene as she makes her way outside. Near the end, we see the her mail the envelope through the slot, from the perspective of the mailbox, much like the booth p.o.v. shots in the beginning of the video.

Contributed by Punky