Aaron Hill and the Crimson Guard (2006)

Directed by Casimir Nozkowski, U.S.

A ghost haunts a photobooth and appears in people's pictures. After groups of friends and lovers take their photos, a lone woman notices the figure in her photostrip and looks in the booth for the mysterious figure, to no avail.

The photobooth used in the video is located at Enid's in Greenpoint, easily recognized by its metal exterior.

It stars band member Seth Berkowitz as the ghost; read more on Nozkowski and Berkowitz's Nerd Cake.

Contributed by Brian

A couple rushes into the photobooth.
As they mug for the photo, we watch from "inside" the camera's lens and see the ghost behind them.
The "photo" pauses the action, and captures what we might see in the photostrip, thought the photo is more landscape than portrait, but you get the picture.
Another photo.
Another group enters the booth and takes a photo.
Our ghost plays his guitar in the booth in a little musical moment that steps out from the storyline.
We see the reflection of our ghost on the keyboard as we look at the camera and instructions in the booth.
The flash goes off, but there's no one inside...
A faux photostrip comes out, with no ghosts in sight.
Real photostrips, from Enid's, we assume, are used, a la The Mambo Kings, as an editing device.
Another look at the first couple's photostrip.
More flashes, still no one inside.
Photostrips across the frame, superimposed over the ghost's face.
After taking her photos, the woman awaits the delivery of her strip.
Looking in the mirror of the booth.
Her strip is ready, and she's taken aback.
Who's that guy?
Very creepy.
Where is he?
Not in there.