Get Steady

oh my god Interrogations and Confessions (2003)

Directed by Talon Nightshade, US

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Contributed by Brian

The band members squeeze into the photobooth with their instruments.
The booth is shown, in an alleyway behind a building.
Cut to the second location for the video, a club where people are milling around and entering the photobooth.
Back in the alleyway, random passersby venture into the booth.
Lead singer Bill O'Neill peers into the booth.
One of the many fans who are seen mugging for the photobooth.
O'Neill emerges from the booth with Bish and Iguana, his fellow band-members.
O'Neill checks out the photos that are about to come out of the booth.
A few of the many strips, seen in the photobooth mirror.
The frames begin to animate as O'Neill holds them up to his eye.
More strips collect in the drying slot.
Back in the club, a young woman takes a look at a photostrip.
Bish and Ig look at some strips.
By now, photostrips are flying out of the booth like coins from a slot machine. Literally.
Photos are collecting in a pool at the band members' feet.
The band check out some of the hundreds of photostrips.
As someone flips through a stack of strips, we watch the scene animate, a la Errol Morris's 2000 Photobooth ad for PBS.
A close-up of an animated face.
More animation, all nicely done.
That's a pretty penny's worth of photostrips right there.
What a mess.