See You

Depeche Mode A Broken Frame (1982)

Directed by Julien Temple, U.K.

This early video from the British synth pop band is listed as "promotional only" on the band's website (where you can also watch the video), and does not appear on the Some Great Videos compilation.

The video, which marked the first appearance of new band member Alan Wilder, takes place at a train station and a department store, with much of the action centering around the photobooths found in those two locations. At the opening of the video, lead singer Dave Gahan sees a photostrip of a girl appear from an empty photobooth, He enters the booth himself, and, in the earliest example we've yet found, he sings to the photobooth camera, a trope that is repeated by everyone from Elvis Costello two years later to Missy Higgins 25 years later.

Later, at the department store, Gahan gets into one of two photobooths side by side - at 40p, the cheapest we've seen in an '80s music video... - and when he gets in, a strip comes out featuring each member of the band with the same girl from the first photobooth, except Gahan is missing.

Contributed by Brian

Approaching the booth.
The mystery photo.
Nice mirror.
He grabs the photos...
...and investigates.
And the flash is still going off.
With the strip in his hand, he sings to the camera.
Looking down occasionally at the girl in the photos.
The flash continues to go off.
Still singing to the girl.
The image turns black and white, previewing what his photos might look like.
Approaching the booths in the department store.
Another mystery strip appears.
He enters the booth.
This one looks familiar: Alan Wilder
Andrew Fletcher
Martin Gore
And the girl by herself, where Dave should be.
More strips, more people.
And more.
Dave takes more photos.
And we see the band in a black-and-white, pseudo-photobooth layout, playing their various "keyboards."
Dave's strip comes out.
Careful, it's wet...
Taking a look.