Can You See Us?

Jeremy Burgan (2006)

Directed by Matt Kosinski, U.S.

This video, made up entirely of photostrips from photobooths around the Los Angeles area, is a simple and effective counterpart to Jeremy Burgan's song. Perhaps the best use of photobooth photos in any video we've ever seen, Kosinski's video begins with a single frame in the center of the screen, alternating between black-and-white and color images, and then expands into a giant collage of strips laid over one another. The photography captures the texture of the photos, the unique grain of the black-and-white images, and it highlights the emotional power of the candid and posed pictures. The video uses some fun visual tricks, and even manages some nice stop-motion animation, which we've seen done before, but in this case, you can tell they've used only actual photobooth photos, and haven't fudged it later on to achieve the effect.

The video is also a first for; as I was checking out the booth at the Cha Cha Lounge, I ran into the video team as they were shooting, and as we chatted, it turns out they had used to help them find some booths to use. Very cool.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Contributed by Matt Kosinski