New York

Stephen Fretwell Magpie (2004)

Directed by Daniel Wolfe, D.P. Tom Townend, UK

Stephen Fretwell, a 23 year-old singer from Scunthorpe, England, released "Magpie," his major-label debut, in 2004. "New York" is the third single from the album. The video features Fretwell and others singing in and around a local pub, and ends with a quiet set of photobooth shots from the point of view of the photobooth.

Watch the video and read the blog entry as well.

Contributed by Brian

As the camera ever so slowly moves towards him, we see Fretwell sitting in the photobooth from the camera's point of view.
The flash goes off and the and the scene cuts one the flash, moving forward to the next flash as we see Fretwell's position change.
The flash goes off again as the pose changes.
He settles back onto the stool.
The camera continues closer.
Dissolve to a new, closer shot, as the slow zoom continues.
The final shot, as the flash is about to go off again.