Glee: "Pilot"

Directed by Ryan Murphy, USA

Aired May 19, 2009 (Season 1, Episode 1)

Take High School Musical, grow it up a bit, add a tablespoon of American-Idol-appeal and a dash of pacing from Scrubs, and what to you get? Glee, Fox's newest comedic offering.

"Glee" is set in a middle-class Ohio high school and chronicles an optimistic teacher's attempt to revive a dying glee club. One of the glee club recruits, the overly-ambitious Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), gives us a brief voice-over introduction during which she mentions her gay parents. The visual accompanying this story is a quick pan down a photostrip inside her locker door. You can only see one frame at a time.

The season is set to begin airing in September of 2009.

Contributed by Tim

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