The X-Files: "Unruhe"

Directed by Rob Bowman, US

Aired October 27, 1996 (Season 4, Episode 2)

The official summary: "Agents Mulder and Scully investigate the bizarre abduction of a young woman. Their only clue is a terrifying and inexplicable photograph developed at the scene of her disappearance." More importantly, we get Pruitt Taylor Vince walking around in painter's stilts, some outdated dental equipment, and some film that creates pictures of people either terrorized or dead. Mulder and Scully visit a pharmacy where the abduction suspect has just committed a robbery, and Agent Mulder inserts a $5 bill to test out the photo booth in the store. Scully leaves, but when Mulder sees the developed photograph, it shows Scully, terrorized by 'howlers' just like an earlier photograph of the abduction victim.

Contributed by Brian

Mulder approaches the photo booth with an empty box of the film in question.
As Scully talks to the pharmacist in the background, Mulder inserts his money.
Mulder and Scully talk as the flash goes off.
After Scully leaves, the photo is finished and drops into the slot outside.
Mulder examines the photo; cue ominous music.
Most likely not Scully's "choice of background."