The Chicago Code: "Hog Butcher"

Directed by Clark Johnson, U.S.

Aired February 2, 2011 (Season 1, Episode 2)

After an officer is killed, an undercover cop overhears people talking about the crime at an Irish bar. Investigating officers come to the bar to ask some questions, and we see a photochemical booth in the background. The scene was shot at Skylark, which we could tell by comparing the booth in the shot to the booth as listed in our Photobooth Directory.

Looking a little more closely at the sequence, you can see the word "Skylark" on the door as the cops enter, but as the sequence finishes, you can see a sign reading "McGowan's Pub" above the door. "Skylark" didn't sound Irish enough, apparently.

Thanks to Jeff for the tip, our first via Twitter.

Contributed by Brian