Not the Nine O'Clock News: ""

Directed by Bill Wilson, U.K.

Aired December 1, 1980 (Season 3, Episode 6)

This very brief sketch on a third season (or "series," rather) episode of this ground-breaking British comedy sketch and stand-up show, begins with a close-up of a couple, posing in a photobooth. The flash goes off, and the camera pulls back to reveal a man (Rowan Atkinson, who will later find more amusement in a photobooth in Bean) who asks "Right...Could we have the bride's parents now, please?"

We see a crowd of wedding guests, and it becomes clear that they're getting their wedding photos in a photobooth. An amusing sketch, at only 20 seconds long, and surprisingly prescient, considering the market for photobooths at weddings these days.

Contributed by Brian