Power Rangers in Space: "Carlos on Call"

Directed by Judd Lynn, U.S.

Aired October 31, 1998 (Season 1, Episode 32)

In this episode of the almost unwatchable "Power Rangers in Space," a young girl discovers one of the Power Rangers' secrets when she finds a photostrip left behind in an arcade photobooth.

In a none-too-subtle echo of Superman III, the photostrip shows Carlos morphing into the Black Ranger, and the girl blackmails Carlos into babysitting her with the threat that she'll reveal his identity.

This show has perhaps the lowest production values of any show I've ever seen, and for some reason every single line of dialogue is given the same oppressive echo chamber effect, making the merely hokey downright unbearable. At least the photobooth is real (though the photostrip is a foot-long monstrosity).

Contributed by Brian