Arrested Development: "Staff Infection"

Directed by John Fortenberry, USA

Aired March 14, 2004 (Season 1, Episode 15)

The narrator (Ron Howard) introduces this quick photobooth sequence by reporting that "Buster had a unfortunate encounter in a photobooth on the wildlife populated island of Catalina." The flashback sequence is shot rather nicely with each frame of the (5-pose) photobooth displayed on the screen with the sound of the photobooth flash in the background. Each shot transitions to the next with a vertical pan off the top of the screen, simulating the actual movement of the paper in the booth.

This sequence takes place at 2:32, and is shown again at 6:00 when Buster, busy working his new job in the copy room, has another flashback induced by the flashes of the copy machine.

The final frame (with the sheep) makes another appearance at 10:18 when Michael refers to the employees of the Bluth company as "sheep."

Contributed by Pat Garrett

Ths sequence begins at 2:32 - frame 1.
Frame 2
Frame 3
Frame 4
Frame 5? They could have omitted either frame 2 or 3 and acheived the same effect, albeit more authentically.
And just for fun, I have taken my own advice, gotten rid of frame 3, and constructed the fictitious original photostrip.