Mission: Impossible: "The Carriers"

Directed by Sherman Marks, U.S.

Aired November 19, 1966 (Season 1, Episode 10)

After browsing through this excellent resource about the "Mission: Impossible" opening "tape scenes," we learned that quite a few feature photobooths, and we've awaited the arrival of the series on DVD for a few years. It turns out that at least in the first two seasons, four different episodes use a photobooth, but only two different openings actually exist; only the mission audio tape and insert shots of the photos and papers change.

In this episode, Dan Briggs (Steven Hill) heads into a photobooth, slides the door closed, and sits down. He puts in a quarter, the flashes go off, and he inserts a key into a grill below the camera, where he finds a tape deck and folder with the case dossier inside. He listens to the tape and naturally, it self-destructs.

This exact opening is used, with a different audio track and a different shot inserted for the photo and dossier, in Season 1, Episode 24, "The Train," directed by Ralph Senensky (3/18/67).

Contributed by Brian