The Simpsons: "The Trouble with Trillions"

Directed by Swinton Scott, US

Aired April 5, 1998 (Season 9, Episode 20 [#5F14])

After misfiling his income tax returns, Homer promises to do anything to escape punishment, and is enlisted by the Federal Government to spy on his friends. After success in catching a militia member angry at government heel-dragging on HDTV, Homer is then given an even greater mission: to recover the fabled one trillion dollar bill that C. Montgomery Burns was supposed to deliver to Europe in 1945. He is taken by an FBI agent to a photobooth in the Springfield Mall, where, after finding Millhouse posing inside, they watch an informational video on the history of the bill.

Contributed by Brian

Agent Johnson escorts Homer to the photo booth.
Pulling the curtain, they find Milhouse inside.
"My shirt fell off..."
Agent Johnson escorts Homer into the photo booth.
They sit down in the photo booth.
"Mr. Simpson, please cover your ears while I say the secret access word. Cheese!"
A screen descends.
The film "The Trouble with Trillions," explaining the story of the trillion dollar bill and Mr. Burns' role in its disappearance, begins. Rated TV-PG.
"Ooh! A trillion dollar bill. That's a spicy meatball!"
"This film will self-destruct, if not properly stored."
Homer and Agent Johnson leave the booth.
Note the soda cup behind the booth is now red.
Homer is concerned.
As Homer and Agent Johnson leave, Apu and Manjula enter and sit down.
Apu says "Cheese!" and we hear the film begin again.