Happy Days: "Hardware Jungle"

Directed by Jerry Paris, US

Aired February 12, 1974 (Season 1, Episode 5)

In the first season of this nostalgic look at the '50s, Richie (Ron Howard) needs tickets to the sold out rock and roll show so he and Potsie can double date with Arlene and Gloria Hofsteder. Fonzie (Henry Winkler) finds some for him, for $6. "Six bucks? I don't know if I can raise that kind of money..." Richie borrows the money from his father and buys the tickets, but when his father has to go to the hospital to get his tonsils out, Richie has to look after the hardware store and can't go to the show. To return the tickets, he heads to Arnold's to find Fonzie. Ralph Malph tells him he's "Having his picture made," so Richie goes to the photobooth. Thanks for this discovery go to this Season 1 Episode Guide.

Contributed by Brian

In the establishing shot, we see the photo booth outside the restaurant.
Richie heads to the photo booth to find the Fonz.
The Fonz is unhappy to be interrupted, but hears Richie out.
Fonzie names his price, and Richie hands him the money.
Richie agrees to pick up the tickets from the Fonz later.
The Fonz asks Richie to say hello to his ladyfriend.
After Richie leaves, the Fonz beckons him to return to close the curtain.
Richie apologizes for being rude, ever obsequious to the Fonz.
Richie closes the curtain, and the scene ends.