As Time Goes By: "White Hunter"

Directed by Sydney Lotterby, UK

Aired (Season 2, Episode 1)

This long-running British tv series stars Judi Dench as Jean and Geoffrey Palmer as Lionel, a couple reunited after a youthful romance and years spent thinking each had been spurned by the other. Forty years after his letter got lost in the mail, they meet again by chance, and are together for good.

In the first episode of Season 2, Lionel's visit to a photo booth produces a disastrous set of photographs. He tells Jean that the photos are a trial run to see how he looks on film because his publisher, Alistair, has decided that Lionel's portrait should be on the front of his autobiography, "My Life in Kenya" (according to this episode guide).

Contributed by Brian

Lionel approaches a photo booth in a train station.
Lionel opens the curtain, interrupting a couple already in the booth, and asks them if they're "snogging."
The couple take their time.
They finally leave.
As Lionel sits and waits for the flash to go off, we see essentially a re-hash of the "Baldy Man" joke, as Lionel is cursed with bad timing and the flash always goes off when he's not prepared.
The flash goes off as Lionel puts his coin in.
Lionel tries to put on an attractive face.
Lionel is distracted again.
Another man waiting for the booth pops his head in, ruining another photo.
Jean examines Lionel's photos and asks him what he was thinking.
Jean and Lionel discuss Lionel's failed attempt at getting a decent photo of himself.