Regardez il va peut-être se passer quelque chose...

Alain Baczynsky (Éditions Textuel, 2012)

According to a rough translation of a page from the publisher's website, the book is a collection of photobooth photos taken by Baczynsky over a period of three years, 1979-1981.

The photographs capture Baczynsky after a psychoanalysis session, and he "replays what was said - or not - during the session. It's an intimate mime...going on in the cramped booth. Baczynsky bends over backwards, bumps and twists. He reinvents sign language. Once the strip is delivered, he scribbles on the back, in haste, a few comments: 'The self-portrait of nothing,' '45 minutes of sobbing,' 'Mom, that big word'."

The work was re-discovered by curator Clément Cheroux in preparation for the Musée de l'Elysée exhibition in February 2012, where the work will be on display and this book presented. The book includes material from Cheroux and psychoanalyst Horacio Amigorena.

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