Bern Boyle and Linda Duchin (Bern Boyle, 1987)

This slim, 36-page volume is the catalog produced by Bern Boyle and Linda Duchin to accompany the 1987 show called "Photomaton: A Contemporary Survey of Photobooth Art." The show took place at the Pyramid Arts Center (now known as The Rochester Contemporary) in Rochester, New York.

The catalog contains a preface and a synopsis of photobooth history by Bern Boyle, followed by biographies and images of the contributing artists, as well as samples of their work.

The artists included Jef Aerosol, Jared Bark, George Berticevich, Bern Boyle, Claire Connors, Herman Costa, Margaret Fox, Dorothy Handelman, Susan Hiller, Stephan Koplowitz, Liz Rideal, Carol Taback, and Sandy Wassenmiller.

Finally, the catalog includes a useful bibliography of articles on photobooths and photography in general. The catalog is scarce these days, but one can find copies on eBay every once in awhile.

Contributed by Tim