Accidentally Wes Anderson

Wally Koval (Voracious Books, 2020)

This book, with photographs culled from the Accidentally Wes Anderson Instagram community, includes Matteo Sani's booth on Via dell'Agnolo in Florence, Italy.

"On the corner of via dell'Agnolo and via Giuseppe Verde, in the midst of Florence's nightlife and within earshot of Piazza Santa Croce, sits a kiosk of pure nostalgia.

"Professional set designer Matteo Sani — driven by fond memories and a sound knowledge of how they were once captured — restored an authentic 1969 photobooth, or Fotoautomatica, to its authentic form and installed it on this lively street corner. It drew such curiosity and affection that he restored four others and placed them throughout Florence, home to so many of the world's unique artistic treasures."

Contributed by Ruthie

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