Jan Wenzel (Edition Braus, 2005)

This beautiful and often astonishing book collects the work of photobooth artist extraordinaire Jan Wenzel, who is a master at creating spaces in the photobooth. His works usually consist of a series of photobooth strips laid side by side to form a larger image, an immaculately staged scene complete with furniture, wallpaper, and people.

But Wenzel not only stages a convincing scene through a series of photostrips, but often includes one incongruous frame that throws the entire scene into question, and reminds the viewer that each part of the overall image is a single photostrip, made up of four separate exposures, only adding to the remarkable nature of the overall composition.

It is difficult to describe some of the elaborate tableaux Wenzel brings to life through the simple photobooth strip, but needless to say, it makes a simple trip to the photobooth seem full of potential.

Contributed by Brian

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