I Wanna Be Loved

Elvis Costello & the Attractions Goodbye Cruel World (1984)

Directed by Evan English and the Rich Kids, UK

With the long-awaited 2005 release of his video compilation DVD "The Right Spectacle," Elvis Costello fans and photobooth fans around the world rejoice, for it's the first chance we've had to see this oft-mentioned video, filmed in a photobooth in Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to the excellent artist commentary track, we'll let Elvis himself describe the video.

"This video was directed by Evan English and his partners, the Rich Kids, and it was shot in Melbourne, Australia. It's probably my favorite video that we've ever made, only because he thought of something original to do to complement the song. This song was an an obscure Hi Records title, by a group called the Teacher's Edition. Although the arrangement is a little Vogue-ish, 1984 style, this video gives a lot of feeling to it. It wasn't the happiest time of my life...

"Evan set it up that I was supposed to be in this photo booth. He also insisted that I stay up the night before the video... What you see now isn't actually acting, it's genuine emotion, for what it's worth; maybe that's ridiculous to the viewer, but it's the truth, nonetheless.

"What made the video unsettling to do what that Evan didn't tell me who or how many people would be coming in to kiss me on the cheek, blow in my ear, stick their tongue in my ear, or whatever it is they do."

And the video is just that: Elvis, sitting in a photobooth, looking directly into the camera, half-singing, half-talking along to the song, as dozens of people come into the frame, kissing him, hugging him, whispering into his ear. Whenever someone pokes a head in, the video goes from black and white to color. The flash goes off intermittently throughout the four minutes. At the very end, the video cuts to outside the photobooth, and Elvis picks up a few photostrips from slot, looks at them, and walks out of the busy train station.

Contributed by Brian