Unknown Little Boy

Pierre Fraenkel (2009)


Pierre Fraenkel specializes in the public presentation of found photos, blown up to varying degrees of massiveness. As he describes this particular project,

I made a collage of an unknown little boy's ID photograph. In my collages, I very often like showing people I meet, but above all, I like showing unknown people - either old photographs from a flea market or an antique shop, or an ID photograph found on the ground.

I'm fond of the slightly strained and forced smile of the kid. And then, there's this hand - whose hand is it? His mother's? From his clothes and his haircut as well as the quality of the photo, I would say the photograph was taken at the end of the 70s.

The project was done for the 2009 KKO Festival in Altkirch, France. See our blog entry about the project for more images.

Contributed by Brian