Sleep Club (2007)


From their website:

We made some flocked Schlaf Klub tshirts and wore them while we slept in six different Photoautomats in Berlin. We took a lot of pictures and made this little installation as a result. Shown at Gallery Takt in Friedrichshain.

And about Sleep Club itself:

Sleep Club is the name given to the collaborative work of artists Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank. Adam's work has appeared in numerous magazines, including Arkitip and Faesthetic and quite a few books too. He has participted in various exhibitions in Europe and Australia and some of his solo work can be seen here. Dell has organised and participated in numerous solo and collaborative exhibitions as well, working with silkscreen, drawing, animation, textiles and installation. She also makes clothes and accessories and has published a number of artists books. They went to different art schools in sunny Queensland, but now live and work in Melbourne, Australia (unless they're in Berlin).

Contributed by Brian