Un secret est un secret

Vronique Bland (2008)


Google Translate's approximation, slightly edited for clarity, of a description of Vronique Bland's project:

"I asked people, known and unknown, to make their own portraits. The rule was simple: go into a photo booth, wait for the machine, reject the cliche in the face of the world, then attach a secret. Confessions, four dollars. I compiled identities that told both the tragic and the mundane of everyday life: the truth of being oneself, with lies involved, too, sometimes.

I made an unknown family portrait.

At the opening, the public should snatch pictures of faces to discover, behind the admission of the person concerned: destroy the identity to access privacy. On the ground, there were 500 copies of a small artist's book to take home and which contained, anonymously, the secrets of all participants."

Contributed by Le Matons