Breaking the Rules

Jack Watts (2011)


Jack Watts in the UK wrote us to let us know about a photobooth project he completed in 2011. He describes it this way:

"Since we last spoke I have finished my project using the photo booth. I went to ASDA supermarket in Hatfield, UK, using coloured gels, a werewolf mask, onions, tape and other items I created four photographs that directly go against the rules of the passport photograph.

"The idea for the project came about when I had to get a passport photograph done recently, the experience was dull and restricted. It took me a few attempts to get the height of my chair right etc, after talking to people about this experience I realized that these booths don't see the same fun that the ones that produce a strip of different photographs do, they are used in a clinical way and I wanted to push the limits.

I looked up the examples of what is not accepted in a passport photograph then exaggerated and created them in the booth. My friend in the photograph is Greek so some of the reference in the photographs are personal to her home and things she says. I think the images are interesting and exciting, I got alot of strange looks from shoppers whilst doing them, and they stand against the normal use of these types of booth."

Contributed by Jack Watts