Wrybread (2005)


Alex Bennett contacted us in early 2005, letting us know about a new photobooth he had constructed, one that was "computer-based (but unobtrusively so), and ... currently housed in a relatively makeshift booth." As he described it, "It prints out the strip about 30 seconds after someone presses the button (which takes 4 pics). It then uploads to the web, so you can always see the last picture taken."

Since then, the photobooth seems to have gone through some more modifications, and has recently been taken on the road. Visit the website for the most up to date info on the booth.

A description of the process from the website:

You walk in, and press one of these buttons. That's an unflattering picture, the button box is actually one of my favorite parts, it's two buttons rescued from an old peep show interface that I found in a dumpster, built into an old typewriter case. They're brightly backlit.

Then walk over to the desk where you can see your 4 pictures on the computer monitor, and your pictures print out. I should time it, but I think from the moment you press the button to the moment you're holding your print is about a minute. You see the pics on the computer screen almost instantly. And lots of computers around the house show the pics.

The brains behind the booth is a headless Dell laptop. It had a broken screen so I just removed the monitor entirely, but I definitely need a laptop with a screen, since it's a bummer to have to plug in a giant CRT monitor to the otherwise svelte booth.

Contributed by Brian