La photo-sculpture

Odile Marchoul (1999)


A project seven years in the making, and counting, Odile Marchoul's "photo-sculpture" is a collection of two-by-two digital photobooth self-portraits taken once a week since 1999. From the website:

a photo-sculpture is a project that i started on the 23rd of march 1999 when i discovered the photo booth 'photo-vision' on karlsplatz, a photo booth that i knew from brussels.

since then i have been going to this photo booth every week to take my identity picture and i have the intention to do this for the rest of my life. its a project that i would like to inscribe in time & space, that will grow and change over the years. its a picture of my face, a face that is changing. in this project i consider myself as a living 'subject', a sculpture that is under construction.

the picture that i take every week gives me the possibility to capture and measure those changes.

Contributed by Brian