From K to J (2005)


We'll let the the site speak for itself:

The booth is presented in semi-public spaces as a typical photobooth holding no denotation of its unique qualities. Users enter the booth, pose for 2 shots & exit as usual. During the developing process, the photos are "analyzed" & customized with forecasts consisting of patterns, symbols & messages.

Functioning as an unexpected myth builder - myth as fantasy, deception, unfounded explanation of the unknown, & social legend - the booth is designed to:

Surprise & delight its audience
Encourage an openness to play & create social relation through confrontation of the unexpected
Stimulate multiple emotions simultaneously (confusion, excitement, inspiration, vulnerability, selfconciousness) by inducing a mini "transcendent/synesthetic" experience similar to having a crush, falling asleep, lucid dream...
Encourage patience & optimism in unexpected circumstances

Contributed by Brian