V&A Village Fete Photobooth

Fibre Design (2003)


Ever wondered what happens inside a photobooth after your picture is taken? Well, Fibres version was a little different than most. And the results probably wouldnt be considered passport approved. The designers built the life-size booth for the annual V&A Village Fete in which creatives are invited to entertain the public with their take on traditional stalls. From the front everything looked normal (although perhaps a little lo-fi) whilst around the back cheeky Fibre were using their creative license (no: 467578423) to make various distortions to the portraits. As well as winning the Best in Show cup and rosette, Fibres booth was one of the most popular its amazing how many people will queue up just to be humiliated.

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This project was commissioned for the V&A by Scarlet Projects.

Thanks to David from Fibre Design for telling us about his project.

Contributed by Brian