Life Imitates Music

A commercial for MTV

Produced by MTV, Aired 2002, US

In this MTV spot, four members of a band called "The Lack" (of what, you might ask?) goof off in a photobooth to the sound of The Strokes' "Someday." Each of them takes a strip of four photos, doing the "full-body" composite series of poses, and when they line their strips up together on the floor, the images become the cover of their album, titled "Tourist Attraction."

The advertisement, which seems to be for MTV itself and not for any particular show or promotion, won a Bronze award for "Non-News, In-House Image Promo, over :30; up to :90" at the PROMAX & BDA 2003 Conference in June of 2003. Notably, MTV's Photobooth book also won a Bronze award, for "Bound Piece," at the same awards. It was just that kind of year for MTV. And the first guy into the booth always reminded me of Austin Powers-era Mike Myers.

The setting of the booth is notably similar to two other commercials: the checkered floor and kiddie ride of the "PETCO P.A.L.S." commercial, and the booth (which looked nearly the same but with a few notable differences) and nearby ride of Errol Morris' "Photobooth."

Contributed by Brian

The booth, complete with kiddie ride next door, as seen in a number of ads.