She Captures the Moment

A commercial for Portmans

Produced by Brilliant Films, Aired 2007, Australia

This commercial, the latest in a long line of adverts for Portmans, an Australian women's clothing store, features the same girl (Miranda Kerr, apparently) and the same song as all of the other ads, but moves the scene to a subway station. It shows a group of women in a station, where they stop at a photobooth and take a strip of photos. We then cut to one girl's room, where she puts the strip up on her mirror, takes some snapshots with a camera, and looks at them. Then, as though sensing the true power of a real photobooth over digital photos, she and a friend head back to the photobooth and hop in for another photostrip, while the sign on the booth transforms into the commercial's jingle, "She Captures the Moment."

Contributed by Brian