Bancroft Clothing Co.

2530 Bancroft St.
Berkeley, CA
Color, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: April 20, 2004, August 2003
Last visit: April 20, 2004


This color photo booth sits under an enclosed entryway outside the Bancroft Clothing Co. in Berkeley, CA. I called in advance and was assured that it was working, but when we arrived, it had a semi-permanent-looking "Out of Order" sign inside the glass over the lens.

Thanks to Deborah Heller for submitting a strip from this booth taken in August 2003. Deborah writes, "When we went to the booth some kids had spilled Jamba Juice all over it, so I went to borrow some paper towels and clean it off. Then my brother and I took a strip and were initially stunned to see how light the color was. I'm now really fond of it because you can just see a slight outline of our features that emphasizes how related we look."

UPDATE 12/11/09: Thanks to Holly for letting us know that the booth at Bancroft is no longer there.

Contributed by Brian, Deborah Heller, Holly Davis