Union Station I

800 North Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Color, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: January 12, 2006
Last visit: April 19, 2008


The booth is located in the lobby of the Consumer Relations Office next to Union Station in Pastaouras Transit Plaza on Vignes Street.

I paid my $3 and everything was working as usual. When I waited for the photos, I felt the usual vibrations from the booth. But after a few minutes, the photos didn't come out. A woman working in the office told me they usually come out in five minutes. But it didn't come out. The same nice woman suggested I walk to the customer desk in Union Station to get a refund, but I wanted my bed after a fun photobooth hunt all day and night, so I skipped the refund.

UPDATE 4/19/08: Meghan provided us with a sample from this booth.

UPDATE 6/28/16: Kim reports that the photochemical machine is no longer here, and has been replaced by a digital booth.

Contributed by Ricky Romero, Meghan DeFrank, Kim Cahn