Marin Country Mart

2257 Larkspur Landing Cir.
Larkspur, CA 94939
B&W, 4 per strip, $1.00
Photos: October 6, 2019
Last visit: November 6, 2021


Thanks to Dominique for the photos and info on this booth, which may well be one of the last $1 photobooths anywhere... The booth only takes quarters, but the Marin Country Mart Trading Post, located nearby, will exchange bills for quarters.

UPDATE 11/11/21: Thanks to Karen for letting us know that the booth at the Marin Country Mart is still going, and still $1! "This is one of my favorite locations and it is very much still up and running at the same price. I last visited Nov. 6 and Feb. 14 of this year. On Valentine’s Day they actually gave out cute Valentine’s Day envelopes to put your strips in."

UPDATE 10/11/23: Thanks to Drew at the Trading Post at Marin Country Mart for this update: "We have just sent the photo booth away for a tune up. No one freak out when you see it missing. It's coming back! However it will be gone for a couple of months (hopefully the paper situation will be resolved by this time as well)."

UPDATE 12/29/23: And it's back! Just in time for 2024, Drew writes with an update: "Our beloved photobooth is back and running strong! Still $1. Still quarters only."

Contributed by Dominique, Karen, Drew