Adeline de Oliveira


A Google translated version of Adeline de Oliveira's artist statement:

The photobooth is a magical place, I discovered it when I was a child. But I had a real thunderbolt for this machine a decade ago. I was then student in Bachelor of Plastic Arts. This photographic coup de coeur was enlightened and concretized in four flashes.

The photobooth is a small theater in which I stage myself in 1, 4 or 16 acts to the rhythms of my desires and my travels. I use my face as a medium on which I delicately deposit scenarios, various facts, poetry, saudade, magic theatrical and mixed with a part of chance created by the machine.

That's why I do not edit my photos. I prefer to disclose the clumsiness of some photos to let poetry appear.

For a few years, I have succeeded in photographing some members of my entourage. I put them in scenes and tackle new themes. My last series entitled "N.F" is the sarcastic testimony on the new French standards of identity photography and on the Canadian reforms—a country dear to my heart. I invite you to discover my "photomatongoric" universe.

Contributed by Les Matons